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Back pain

Back pain is very common, and can be debilitating and very stressful. It may even result in loss of earnings due to time off work, prevent you playing with your children or grandchildren, or stop you from participating in your favourite sports or hobbies. Osteopathy, sports massage and clinical pilates can help alleviate this pain and restore your body's function to be able to perform these activities without the fear of causing further damage.


Why does back pain occur?


There are many different reasons why back and neck pain may develop. Often it is the direct result of a trauma or injury, such as lifting a heavy box or landing awkwardly during sport. The original injury may even have occured many years ago, resulting in recurrent episodes every few months or years. 


Many pains are caused by an accumulation of stresses in the body, which gradually build up over time until a point is reached where symptoms develop. This may be due to poor posture at work, repetitive movements causing strain, such as tennis elbow or carpal tunnel.


Other causes include car accidents, where the body is subjected to sudden deceleration forces which may overstretch joints and muscles, resulting in whiplash or low back pain. 


Prevention is better than cure


You do not have to have pain at the time you come to see us. We are trained to identify areas of stress and strain and uneven pressures on the spine due to posture and occupational factors. We can then work to resolve the strains your body is being subjected to, in the form of treatment, exercises and advice to prevent these issues becoming problematic in the future.

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