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Osteopathy treatment


We provide osteopathic treatment for a number of conditions and problems, including back pain, neck pain, sciatica, trapped nerves, sports injuries and much more. We use a number of different treatment techniques, including massage, joint mobilisation, cranial osteopathy and medical acupuncture. Contact us today to find out if osteopathy can help you.



Osteopathy is a primary care profession, specialising in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of medical conditions.  Osteopaths have a holistic approach and believe that your whole body will work well if your everything is in good structural balance. Other factors such as diet, exercise, occupation and stress also contribute to overall health and well-being, and so osteopaths consider all of these aspects when diagnosing and treating patients. By looking at all of these factors in combination, we aim to help prevent problems from recurring and improve overall health and well-being.


For more information about what to expect when you come for treatment, please click here.

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