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Pregnancy is an extremely exciting time for the whole family. It is also a challenging time for your body, as it has to continually adapt to accommodate the growing baby.


During pregnancy, your body undergoes significant changes, many of which affect the spine and pelvis. The increasing weight in the abdominal area puts additional strain on the low back joints and muscles. This can aggravate pre-existing back problems or cause the initial onset of back pain. Towards the end of pregnancy, hormones are released to encourage the ligaments to loosen in preparation for birth. This leads to an increased risk of overstraining joints, particularly in the pelvis and low back. Upper back strain and rib pain can also develop as the baby grows bigger and pushes under the rib cage.


Osteopathy throughout pregnancy is a completely safe way to aid the body to successfully adapt to the changes occurring and reduce the risk of pain developing. It can also help alleviate any pregnancy related pains that develop.


Many patients also find osteopathy can be beneficial in helping other symptoms such as indigestion, swollen ankles and headaches. Some people also find acupuncture helpful when suffering morning sickness.


Osteopaths can also help prepare the body for the delivery process. Towards the end of pregnancy, reducing any muscular tension and strains throughout the lower back, pelvis and legs can help maximise the movements needed through the pelvic ring, which expands to allow the baby through during birth

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